November 11, 2019

GS Thermal Solutions team at MjBizCon Dec 11th -13th

Please come join the GS Thermal Solutions team at MjBizCon Dec 11th -13th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year GST will be showcasing our latest purpose built technology for commercial cannabis cultivation: We will have full demonstrations of the following: SAAM or System Automation & Management  – GST’s proprietary IoT control platform GSTS […]

November 11, 2019

The Effect of Light Spectrum on the Morphology and Cannabinoid Content of Cannabis sativa L.

“Manipulation of the spectrum, an advantage of the LED technology, offers better space utilization to support the heating and cooling loads of growing buildings. LED lighting strategies may be applied to improve the energy utilization and carbon footprint of cannabis crop.” “In conclusion, the experiments presented here demonstrate that the optimal spectrum for a specific […]